Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bloomberg Changes Party Registration - Again

Mayor Blooming Idiot of NYC "left the Republican Party" yesterday. What I want to know is, when did he ever join the Republican Party. Yes, I know he changed his party registration to Republican, and was elected Mayor twice on the Republican Party line, but he was never a Republican.

Let's look at a bit of the history - in 2001, Bloomberg, then a registered Democrat, decided he wanted to run for Mayor. Realizing that the way the Democratic Party machine works in NYC, he knew he could NOT win the primary. The Republican Party had no strong candidate to replace outgoing Mayor Gulianni, so Bloomberg changed his party registration to Republican, and ran. I guess the NYC Republican party figured better a RINO than Mark Green in office

So, now Bloomburg wants to run for President, as an independent. He KNOWS he can't win either the Republican OR Democratic party nod, so he drops both parties, and figures he can self finance, after all, he can easly spend $1 BILLION to win

Bloomie, don't let the door hit you in the back on the way out...

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