Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wire Management - again

How come, in this day and age of way too many wires, we don't see desks, either for the home, or for the office, with good cable/wire management features? Wire troughs, outlets trips build in, etc?

Yes, I know wireless stuff is becomeing more common now, but that just means you'll have a USB or charger cable up to the desk, along with at least one monitor data cable and power cable, probably a keyboard and mouse cable (or else a cable up for the wireless head)

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Anonymous said...

I wonder why most people don't foresee the cable management needs of their workplace and offices. Cables and wires everywhere poses a safety hazard but this can prevented by having a cable system to organize the cables and cords that we have.Cable nook can be used to hide these things and keep them tidy.