Friday, December 29, 2006

Well, MOST of the parts are here

So, the coax and rotor cables are here. I'm waiting on my Cal-Aero balun (should be here today - I hope - Tuesday at worst) and believe it or not, new pins for the AMP connector for my rotor. Yes, my Ham IV is old enough to have the AMP commector. Tomorrow, I'll probably put the elements for the antenna together, and store them

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Well, I've ordered the Glen Martin rooftop mount form my beam - a MP-33 which needs 2 parts (on order). The rotor (a Ham IV) is in the garage, and the mast and thrust bearing arrived today.

Next week, I'll order the coax, and the rotor cable, and I should be good to go

I think I'm going to use 9096-2a for coax

If we get some nice weather (like we have been getting) in a few weeks, I should have the beam up, the Mini - G5RV down, and a 40m Delta Loop in it's place, pluse the 17m/80m trapped dipole moved and up higher. Imagine that, a signal improvement on EVERY band I run (I can't run 12m, 30m, 60m, or 160m)

The eventual goal is still to replace the MP-33 with a Step-IR, but...

Field Day Result

I Never posted how I did on Field Day. As I predicted, I came in forst for class 1E in the NLI section. That turned out to be trivial, as I was the ONLY class 1E in NLI.

I did come in 4th in the Hudson Division for class 1E. Definately have to get the QSO count up. I had 203, where the winning effort (WA2EQF) had 561!. I guess the sleep and off hours killed me. That's the big problem with a 1 man effort