Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kitchenaid Lemon

My wife and I closed on our home back in August 2001, and the dishwasher that was there failed before Thanksgiving.

Buying a new dishwasher was a "no brain" decision. My parents had 2 kitchenaids at that point (they are still on the 2nd), and in my old house, I had a Kitchenaid the last 4-5 years I lived there. None of them ever gave us a problem - not a moment.

We went to the store, ordered the top of the line Kitchenaid, without a thought of buying a "lesser" unit

Well I'll tell you, the thing has been a lemon since day 1. When the unit showed up, a lead had fallen off the starter cap on the motor. The door seals kept falling off the unit. About 2 years in, the clips holding the top rack in place started failing. Last year, the disposer inside the unit clogged, requiring the unit to be taken apart. Then about 6 months later (still in warrantie) the pump failed altogether - this is with pre rinsing every dish going into the unit. Well, on Thursday, the control panel started blinking - yep it needs to be replaced, a $300 dollar job. Now as the soap dispenser latch requires fiddling, the top basket still is falling apart, you can guess what we chose to do. Yep, buy a new dishwasher - and you can BET it's not a Kitchenaid/Whirlpool/Kenmore (all the same dishwasher).

Open note to Kitchenaid - you had serious brand loyalty in my family. We never even thought of buying anything else. Now we will never think of buying one again...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today, on another blog, they were asking about what you remember most about 9/11

To me, it's a long answer. I work in IT supporting the News Division of one of the "big 3" networks. I was at my desk, and is usual for ME, the TV in my office was off. A co-worker called down the hall "Hey Charlie, a plane just hit the World Trade Center". Like most people, I figured it was some small plane. I reached over, and turned on the TV. One glance, and I KNEW this was not a small plane.

By the time the 2nd plane hit, the whole department was in the main conference room, with the bank of TV sets on various channels

Things I remember... Not necessarly in order, from the next 2-3 days

My son's Nanny calling - her Future Father-in-Law worked in 2 WTC - and she had not heard from him (he got lucky - he was on the 48th floor getting a cup of coffee - if he had been at his desk, he would have been killed) - it was 2pm before he was able to get through to say he was OK.

Me being sent home fairly early, to come back in by 6:00am the next day for a 24 hour shift, and my wife (who worked in Port Washington and was also sent home early) asking me "what's that smell?" and telling her "that's the smell of the WTC burning" (we live about 12 miles away from ground zero)

An out of town firefighter on the 12th - walking past our office - in his gear, carrying a Scott pack, walking north away from ground zero - and EVERYONE offering to help him carry his gear - he refused, but...

Getting a black car home on either the 12th or 13th, and going past one of the Missions to the UN here in NYC, and there being a Humvee outside, with a M2 mounted - and yeah - it was locked and loaded.

Did I mention the smell? (yeah I did) - the smell went on a LONG time - it changed over time, and after the first month or so, you could no longer smell the burning flesh as much.

The silence of no airplanes (except for the fighters) overhead

I remember the 3 ex-coworkers I lost that day

I remember being really thankful that I had NOT taken that job in the WTC

I remember going home, and hugging my family.

AND I remember the people who did this to us - and I won't forget - they are dammed lucky I was not in charge of the Nuclear football that day...

(edited May 23rd, 2008 to fix some spelling errors, and one or two grammer errors)