Monday, July 11, 2011

Sussex Hamfest

Went to the Sussex hamfest yesterday. They seemed to have a nice sized crowd (I'd say larger than the last couple of years)

Came home with a 5 port rig runner, an aluminum project box, and the loan of an MFJ 1026 from W2IRT

What I forgot to do was stock up the parts bin - I have no power connector for said MFJ Unit, I don't think I have any 1/8" or 1/4" phone plugs in the house, etc - when did I remember? Just after I left the grounds, and of course I was hot (it was extremely sunny), tired, and my leg hurt (too much walking around on it, and I refuse to use a ham-about.

The connector/parts vendors seem to skip the LIMARC indoor hamfest, so I'm hoping for something at HOSARC

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It is almost not fair

It's almost not fair

Back when I had low wires, and a 600 watt amp (on a good day), a station from say Brazil would come on the air, and it would take me 10-20 minutes of hard work to get a QSO, if I was lucky

Tonight PY6KY pops up on 40m ssb. Now he's on LOTW, and I don't have Brazil confirmed on 40m. Turn on the rig, turn on the amp, tune the antenna, turn it and one call, and we're done

I'm actually starting to do a lot more work withthe amp off