Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Health

As some of you may know, I have a very slowly healing wound on my right leg. Basically it's exactly what a diabetic gets, but without me being a diabetic (yes, I've been tested a bunch of times over the last month). In my case, it was cause by residual scaring left over from a bout of cellulitus about 5 years ago.

Besides the stuff to try and heal the wound, the specialist has me on some fairly serious pain killers. Man it sucks. You can't think right, and despite all that, sometimes you are still in pain (like right now)

Blog overload

Ever have one of those days (weeks?) when you see interesting blog entries, that you really want ot read, and are (gasp) even work related, but you just don't have the energy to read them?

That's been me lately - Jeff Flowers blog has what looks to be an interesting video entry this AM, but I just do have enough mental "energy" to watch it